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Meme: Fandom

Hikaru no Go

• favorite male character: Although I like both Mitani and Kaga quite a bit, today's favorite is Hikaru. He's a selfish protagonist, and can be a bit of a blabbermouth for someone who holds a lot of secrets. He isn't particularly kind, but he does have a good heart, and although he can be lazy and complains like something awful, he's capable of putting in some hard work when it comes down to it.

• favorite female character: Nase. My options are limited, but she's pretty cheerful and down-to-earth; not to mention fairly talented.

• prettiest character: Sai, pfft. Well, he is, as far as beauty goes. Akira and Ko Yeong-ha are more of the bishounen type though. Nase and Akari are both pretty, but sort of standard too.

• least favorite character: Ko Yeong-ha. I have a strong dislike for arrogant good-looking men, especially when they aren't put in their place.

• funniest character: Not really that kind of anime, but Sai does have quite the personality.

• favorite season: There aren't really seasons, but the Insei arc? It's a long one.

• favorite episode: The one where Akira figures out that Sai is a part of Hikaru. Although Akira doesn't really understand it, the fact that he's "found Sai" moves Hikaru so deeply that he promises to tell Akira about it someday. I thought that was a nice way to wrap that up between them.

• favorite romantic ship: Akira and Hikaru; surprise, surprise. I also like Saeki and Ashiwara.

• favorite family ship: Well, Sai and Hikaru have a really strong mentor and mentee bond, which is awesome.

• favorite friend-ship: Isumi and Waya, Kaneko and Mitani (they make good rivals and good friends), Hikaru and Akari, Hikaru and Waya; also potentially Akira and Ochi. (In short, I don't really have a favorite friendship.)

• worst ship: Anything that involves pedophilia (like Ogata and Akira, what.) Or any ships with Sai.



• favorite male character: Hanai is my general default, but I also like Mihashi quite a bit. For a "pathetic, unconfident protagonist" type, he's actually got a legit background story and childhood to fit it; also, without being particularly good at anything except pitching, his quirks makes him endearing and likable. He's also developing well as a character, so here I am rooting for him.

• favorite female character: Well, there's really only Momoe and Chiyo. Of the two, I prefer Chiyo who is sweet and cheerful, but not the innocent little thing, or the brash personality, or the nag that many girls in shounen manga seems to be. She seems reasonable and mild, and she's hardworking.

• prettiest character: Again, not that kind of anime. I don't even know how to answer this one; no one ever gets dressed up and everyone looks normal.

• least favorite character: Roka. He's a douche. Also Haruna for some reasons, though at least he gets better and has a better reason for it.

• funniest character: Mi. Ha. Shi. Hands down.

• favorite season: I like both seasons almost equally. I mean, there are some bumps in the second one, but the first one starts kinda slow, so.

• favorite episode: The curry episode. It's just the baseball boys interacting outside of baseball; incredibly endearing.

• favorite romantic ship: Abe and Mihashi, Hanai and Tajima. I have a couple others like Hamada and Izumi, Mitani and Chiyo...aaand that's about it.

• favorite family ship: The entire team is just warm and fuzzy. I like Tajima and Mihashi's brotherly relationship though. Awwh. (In terms of family interaction, I can't decide! They all have nice families!)

• favorite friend-ship: Same as above.

• worst ship: Momoe and Hanai (ugh), Hanai and Mihashi (not awful but weird), Tajima and Mihashi.

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