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Tumblr Memes

1. Somewhere you’d like to move or visit?

I rather like living in LA (ah, convenience), but I would love to visit Japan someday. Though I have mostly (but not quite, never quite) grown out of my anime phase, I still really love the country.

2. DC or Marvel?

DC. I may have warmed up to certain Marvel comics to some extent, but never like DC. Mind, it's mostly because I like Batman (rather, I like the villans --sans Joker-- and the Robins).

3. What makes you the angriest?

Cruelty, though depending on the degree, I'm no exception myself (I'd like to say I try, but it'd be more honest to say that I try to try.) It can simply be defined as "causing pain or distress," and though I have a strong sense of justice and relatively high moral values that prevent me from upsetting people for the most part, I don't hesitate to vex people who deserve it.

The kind of cruelty that makes me angry, however, falls more along the lines of bullying (I have poor tolerance for this). People aren't meant to be used or stepped on in order to make someone look better or climb higher up the social ladder.

4. How would you describe your appearance?

Notably short; rather average appearance. Could be considered attractive from the right angles, but rarely makes an attempt, opting for comfort.

5. If you could swap bodies with one celebrity for a day, who would it be?

I only have interest in two celebrities, but I'm not interested enough to be anyone existing on this plane of reality. *facepalm* But seriously, it would be so much cooler to be a superhero than a celebrity, even if many people aren't able to distinguish between the two.

6. Books or video games?

Books. Books over everything short of computers (though I use computers to read too, so.)

7. Favourite author and book by?

Megan Whalen Turner has been my favorite author since I discovered her "Thief" series (her first book --my favorite-- being "The Thief"). The protagonist in that book is also one of my favorite novel protagonists --very much so because both he and the author have pulled the wool over my eyes numerous times. I do love to be impressed. XD

8. Favourite band/singer?

Boys Like Girls is my favorite band. I don't have a favorite singer at the moment (that I can recall), but that's hardly surprising, considering that I'm somewhat limited in my music experience.

9.Someone who fascinates you and why?

Benedict Cumberbatch is at the top of the list currently, though I'm a bit embarrassed to say. *facepalm* That is, I'm actually not very keen on having celebrity crushes --and having an interest in Benedict Cumberbatch feels somewhat shallow (no offense meant to anyone).

It's just that there's limited exposure to a celebrity --there are numerous tidbits to take into account, and you're left wondering what's real and what's not, and then you end up thinking if it's not better for them if their fans weren't so obsessed (though you can hardly blame people for taking interest). It's just unpleasant for me, though from what I can tell, Ben seems like a marvelous person, and I adore his public face.

He's quite dorky (which I like), and he's something clever and kind and humble. That's how he seems to be portrayed, anyways. *facepalm*

10. What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done?

Oh, I could write a book on embarrassments.

11. If you had to describe yourself as a character from a TV show or film, who would it be?

Tsukimi from Kuragehime, Mihashi from Oofuri, Brook and Robin from One Piece. Just... throw them all together.


1. Who’s your favorite person, ever.

I'm quite fond of my family (most of my family), but aside from them, I really do like Ocean quite a lot (I'm always talking about her). She's like my homeboy and my wife, hence I've recently fashioned her the endearing moniker of "homewife" (not to be mistaken for house-wife, of course).

2. Have you made many friends online? If so how many?

It varies depending on my social seasons. Generally I'm only ever attached to one or two at a time, though it could transfer to one or two groups at a time (which could be anywhere from three to ten to twenty per group). Currently, I'm only interested in Ocean, though about two months ago, RL met with MMO life and I ended up making a forum for my guild and an affiliate guild that consists of about twenty members. However, I lost interest in the MMO last month, and now I only ever see my MMO friends when I'm signing in for an item-related event.

3.Do you like books? What kinda books?

I love books. I was raised on books, and I will be buried in/by/with books (however it occurs.) I love fantasy and Young Adult novels in particular, but I'll read just about anything that interests me. I read online fics too, but that generally does not go well, and Ocean often ends up having to listen to my disdain and heavy critiques. Even so, I encourage amateur writing --no one starts off as best-seller, and regardless of talent, it's important to respect a person's passions and interests (provided that it borders on the better side of sanity or lack thereof.)

4. Do you like animals, and if you do what’s your favorite.

I like them, in the way that I like to look at pictures of them, and research about them, and I think that they're generally pleasant. I'm not too keen on having one as a pet (unless, you know, you can find me a griffin), but that's another matter entirely. Deer are my favorite, but I also like foxes and snakes.

5. Describe yourself.

(Cut & Paste:) contemplative . detail-appreciative/ detail-oriented . easy-going . enthusiastic . ENTP . indulgent . intellectual . klutzy . organized . passionate . procrastinative . quirky . realistically optimistic . sarcastic . silly . witty

6. Most awesomest song ever.

"Migite" by Ellegarden has been a favorite since I first heard it over five years ago.

7. Best time era?

No preference. (Rather, it's difficult to decide.)

8. How many fandoms do you currently enjoy?

Actively? Four: Sherlock, Oofuri, Hunter x Hunter, One Piece.

9. Whats your main fandom?

Currently, it's Sherlock, though I always have time for Oofuri and One Piece.

10. OTP:

Johnlock~ *facepalm* I like a number of fandom interpretations on the characters, but two of my favorites are BAMF!John and Asexual!Sherlock. BAMF!John is my head-canon.


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